Shifting loads in ports, industry and distribution centres

Terberg tractors stand out by their robustness, low fuel consumption, easy maintenance and driver comfort. This makes them an efficient option for many operations and there is a range of options available to tailor them to your application.

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Customised service for spare parts when you undertake repairs

Our inventory of stock should have the part you need in stock allowing us to offer, where possible, parts that are delivered the next day.

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Accessories to get the most from your Terberg tractor

We supply a range of usefull accessories that make our tractors even more versatile. Availability varies according to the region, examples include central lubrication, automatic brake hose connection systems, etc. In colder climates, a snow plough will enable you to clear snow from your site quickly and efficiently. The items shown are some typical examples. Many of the options which can be fitted during the production of a vehicle can also be retrofitted later.

Please contact us, or one of our distributors, for information about the items available in your region.

Spare Parts

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