The new YT Series
YT193 / YT223


The new YT Series features an entirely new patented innovative and modular chassis, a  new cab design, new electronics, driver controls and display. These innovative Yard Tractors are even more robust and durable than the YT182/YT222 and even easier to maintain and update.

This new innovative platform enables Terberg to offer all power options (diesel stage 5, full-electric drive and - later - hydrogen) to contribute to a cleaner future, help reduce fuel consumption using state-of-the-art engine technology, and make transport more sustainable.

  • Durability
    The extremely robust and durable fully tested vehicle ensures a very long life and high residual value.

  • Comfort
    The newly designed spacious cabin has an ergonomic design, a new dashboard, new controls, display and plenty of storage space to optimize operator convenience.

  • Software
    The new electronics architecture is based on CAN bus and by using our telematics solution you can fully optimize fleet management.

  • Maintenance
    We designed the vehicle to give service engineers even quicker and easier access to the mechanical and electronic components than before.

Learn more, visit the YT Series microsite

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The new Terberg YT is the new multifunctional platform for the future.

Terberg Where Special comes as Standard